VIBMEC is an innovative startup born from a ten years’ experience in measurements, vibration testing and signal processing.

VIBMEC personnel’s knowledge and experience in measurement as well as the modern equipment available in our laboratory allow for supporting our customers in each stage of shaker vibration testing, such as preliminary testing at the customer venue, test profile selection, fixture design and manufacturing, test execution and reporting.

Our company indeed is not just providing environmental testing in our laboratory, but we are able to perform measurements in operating conditions according to the customers’ needs. These measurements are usually performed at the customer’s venue using VIBMEC equipment, such as Data Acquisition Systems and sensors. In some cases, tests performed in operating conditions are useful to define a test profile for environmental testing.

Our laboratory is provided with electrodynamic shakers which can be used to simulate vibration stresses on materials and components with or without coupling with thermal stresses. By means of our equipment, we are able to perform vibration tests according to a user defined vibration profile, as well as environmental tests in agreement with international and specific standards.

Our expertise in measurements and environmental tests covers many different fields, such as civil engineering, electronic engineering, aerospace and automotive. We do not offer just a qualification test, but a comprehensive consulting, which may include re-design towards NVH optimization.